25 Things for Your Car Emergency Kit

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This post, 25 Things for Your Car Emergency Kit, is sponsored by University Motor Company. More on that below.

We’re in the middle of hurricane season which will be quickly followed by “it may snow” season. While preparing for weather events, it’s a good time to review and/or create your car emergency kit. Having emergency supplies in your car is like preparing for any other emergency. You pray you never need them, but you are really glad to have them if this is an emergency. Even if you have AAA or a “husband/dad/friend a phone call away”, you need to have these items in your car. Don’t bet everything on your phone working and/or someone else being able to get to you super quickly.



The Top 6 – Even the SCDMV says these are the top 6 absolute musts to have in your car:

  1. First Aid Kit
  2. Flashlight & Batteries
  3. Jumper Cables
  4. Multipurpose Tool
  5. Flares or Reflective Triangles
  6. Bottled Water


The 8 Items I Won’t Leave Home Without

7.  Cell Phone Charger
8.  Baby Wipes (they clean everything)
9. Non-Perishable Snacks (in case of emergency and hangry kids)
10. Duct Tape
11. Cash (In case power is out or ATMs are down. Even if it’s just enough to buy a little gas.)
12. Busy toys and Books (to keep kids calm and busy if it’s going to be a while)
13. Diapers (always keep extras in the car)
14. Change of clothes for little ones (and possibly big ones)



The 9 Extra Car Items You Should Also Really Have In The Car (especially if you have an older, well loved car like I do)

15. Tarp
16. Poncho
17. Rags
18. Antifreeze
19. Oil
20. Brake Fluid
21. Power Steering Fluid

And last but definitely not least, 3 items especially during the winter:

23. Ice Scraper
24. Blankets (If the car doesn’t work, the heat doesn’t work.)
25. Cat Litter or Sand (Sprinkle it on ice to give the car more traction if trying to get out of a slippery situation

Bonus Tip: Keep your stuff in plastic containers in the back of the car or trunk. I put fluids in one, “car” stuff in one, “people” stuff in one. Make sure they are secure and safely stowed away.

Second Bonus Tip: Become familiar with where things are in your car and where information is in your owner’s manual. Know where your spare and tools are located.

For more car safety tips, visit https://www.ready.gov/car


This post is sponsored by University Motor Company. All opinions, etc are my own.

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