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Columbia City Ballet Auditions: Nutcracker (9/17) & Dracula (9/23)

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Columbia City Ballet Auditions Nutcracker

Columbia City Ballet audtions will be held for Nutcracker this Sunday, September 17th and for Dracula on Saturday, September 23rd.

My daughter has auditioned for and performed with Columbia City Ballet for the last two seasons, and it has been a wonderful experience! In addition to her regular dance classes at The Academy in Lexington, performing with Columbia City Ballet in professional productions truly enhances her dance experience and journey in a fun and exciting way!

Not gonna lie, I was a bit scared when she first wanted to audition. The idea of diving into the professional ballet world was a bit overwhelming. Luckily my “dance wife” had taken the plunge the season before and was there to hold my hand and answer my gazillion ridiculous questions. I learned quickly that the other moms involved either had the same questions or were more than happy to sweetly answer all of my questions, as were the staff and volunteers with Columbia City Ballet.

So here is what you need to know:

Columbia City Ballet Auditions Nutcracker

My add-on tips:

  1. Pay attention to the “Audition Dress Code”. Black leotard, pink tights (no undies showing), hair in a slick bun (embrace hair nets, hair spray and hair pins and stockpile them), a little bit of lip and cheek color helps their sweet faces show up under very bright lights.
  2. Don’t ever wear your ballet shoes outside. And ALWAYS wear something over the leotard as a “cover up” coming and going from dance. This is actually a general ballet/dance rule. Choose a “cover up” that you don’t have to pull over their heads. The bun and all. Sundresses work well. A pair of pants or shorts and a cardigan also work well.
  3. Go early. Give yourself time to find parking, fill out your audition form, pay your audition fee, change shoes.
  4. Measure your child’s height before you go. It’s one of the questions on the audition form, and I’ll be dipped if I ever remember to figure out how tall she is. (Luckily my “dance wife” remembers her measuring tape and measures my kid.) You’ll also be asked the usual contact info, where they dance, what classes they have taken and are taken and to list any other performances they’ve been in.
  5. Pack extra everything in your dance bag, including an extra pair of tights. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve had to touch up hair spray, replace hair pins, etc. (I’ve also been blessed with other moms sharing when I’ve run out of something.)
  6. Don’t pressure your kid. Seriously. This is fun! My daughter and I talk before every audition. We go over our “rules”.
  • Smile
  • Do YOUR best. (Everyone has their own best.)
  • Listen well and follow directions.
  • Use good manners.

Seriously, that’s all there is to it!

Columbia City Ballet Auditions Nutcracker

Between you and me, the kid’s anxiety can be off the charts some days. But every single audition, she comes down those stairs calm as a cucumber and saying she had fun. I’ve never been in the auditions. But for what it’s worth, she reported after her auditions in the age 4-6 category that they played “follow the leader” and then asked who could do forward rolls and cartwheels. She also reported many kids said they could, tried, and didn’t do so hot. (Which is exactly what she did her first year. Told them she could cartwheel when she totally couldn’t. I’m honestly kinda surprised she didn’t like break her nose or something. But ZERO upset or anxiety.)

After the audition, you will get a letter in the mail in 1-2 weeks (depending on schedule) from Columbia City Ballet telling your child their role, the rehearsal schedule and some other information. Because Nutcracker is usually the production new parents start with, they have a “parent meeting” before rehearsal starts to explain to you how everything works and what you need to know. The rehearsals are on Sunday afternoons, usually an hour to an hour and a half for each role. It’s easy peasy! They do have to be at EVERY rehearsal. Since they rehearse so little, it’s super important for all of the dancers to be at every rehearsal.

Now things do get a bit crazy the weekend of the production. But they send you the whole schedule for that in the letter. And remember, there are TONS of moms there to answer your questions and help you “get it”. Trust me, if I can do it, you can absolutely do it!

Let’s not leave out Dracula!

Dracula auditions are Saturday, September 23rd. Same audition dress code and tips at Nutcracker. The kid is beyond excited she is “finally old enough” to audition for Dracula!

Auditions will be held at Columbia Conservatory of Dance, 1545 Main St, Columbia. The audition fee is $20.

1:00-2:00 – Male & Female Dancers Age 7-10

2:00-3:00 – Male & Female Dances Ages 11 & up


(Bring pointe shoes for those on pointe over 2 years)

So there ya have it! Hope to see y’all at auditions!

What questions do you have about Columbia City Ballet Auditions?

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