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Lexington Mommy Education Fair March 11th

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2017 Lexington Mommy Education Fair

Lexington Mommy Education Fair will be held March 11 from 9am-1pm at the Lexington Municipal Conference Center, 111 Maiden Lane in downtown Lexington! 

Everyone wants the BEST for their children and especially their children’s education and development. But it can be really hard to sort out what is best for YOUR child! Especially when they are so many options. Our goal is to bring together many businesses and organizations that will check just about everything off your list. Want to learn more about homeschooling? Got it! What to learn about private school? Got it! Sports for its many benefits and to keep kids active? Done! Summer camps for summer enrichment. activity and childcare? Bam! Got that too!

Have a camp coming up next summer, offer children’s classes or lessons, run a preschool, school, co-op? You don’t want to miss being a part of this event! We will have dozens of businesses that offer opportunities for your kids from preschoolers to teens! Registration for businesses and organizations is open and going quickly! At this time, we will not have ANY retail or direct sales vendors for this event unless they are directly related to children’s education and activities.  If you would like more information about being a part of the Lexington Mommy Education Fair, email Staff@LexingtonMommy.com

Sponsored By:

Empire Gymnastics Training Center

Future Scholar, SC’s 529 College Savings Plan

Lexington Mommy


Just a few of the many vendors who will be joining us:






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