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Simple Summer Dessert with Chek Flavored Soda

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Disclosure: I received sample products and a gift card from BI-LO for other ingredients to create and share this recipe and post. All opinions are true, honest and my own.

Chek_Soda_ChekMateI’ve disclosed before I really don’t cook, and I am not the most domestic woman by a long shot. I’m not going to lie; I was VERY nervous when BI-LO asked me to create a recipe to pair with their line of Chek flavored sodas OR to create a recipe actually using the soda. But I figured it couldn’t hurt to try. So off to the world of internet searching I went, and I found the coolest thing!

You can make cupcakes or cakes with soda. Who knew! Turns out, it’s an old dieter’s secret. One box of cake mix + one can of Check flavored soda = dessert. By replacing the eggs, oil and water with just one can of Chek flavored soda, you can make moist, yummy cake and seriously cut down the fat and calories. With all the flavors Chek soda offers and all the flavors of cake mix available the possibilities are endless.

IMAG0011For our first attempt, we used yellow cake mix with orange pineapple Chek soda. It was delicious. My oldest said, “It’s really good. What’s in this? It’s sweet but citrus-y but not too citrusy.” To make a little fancier dessert, I layered a orange pineapple cupcake then vanilla pudding then bananas in a  small plastic cup. The youngest loved it!

IMAG0051Our second attempt was white cake mix with Strawberry Chek soda. Again the cupcakes were super moist and “strawberry-y but not too strawberry-y.”


IMAG0050For Memorial Day, we layered a strawberry cupcake then a little whipped cream then blueberries then another dollop of whipped cream. I’m glad I took pictures before the kids saw, because they devoured them.



IMAG0054And a root beer float for good measure 🙂 My son is a root beer lover/expert and proclaimed the Chek brand better than the normal stuff we get.


So what pairing would you make? Maybe lemon lime Chek soda with lemon cake mix? I’ve heard red velvet cake mix with cola is good.

Discover your favorite flavor of Chek AND enter to win Chek soda for a year, free groceries and more at  http://bit.ly/BILOChekGame

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