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Take a Deep Breath – Thanksgiving Should Be Fun!

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Thanksgiving is only a few days away! I’ve been panicking about this since last week. But then I remembered something. It’s not about the turkey, how fancy your decorations are or how well the children (or in-laws) behave.

Thanksgiving is about family! It’s suppose to be a time to enjoy your friends and family. It’s a time to catch up with them, a time to share stories and create memories. Now here’s the key – no one will remember if your stuffing was dry five years from now. Now one will remember if your kitchen floor was spotless. They will remember if they laughed. They will remember the silly things the kids did. They will remember what happened at the kids table. And with families like ours, they will remember who drank the most.

Thanksgiving should be fun and include the kids in every part! “Simple handmade” beats “fancy, factory made” every time. People will remember and appreciate simple handmade decorations that the children made. Yes, they will remember a $500 centerpiece, but not for the right reasons. I’m not saying you shouldn’t have nice decorations if you can. I’m saying whether or not you can have fancy decorations, include the kids and let them have fun helping create the mood of the day. There are a gazillion simple, inexpensive craft ideas for Thanksgiving. Can’t find one? Email me and I will find it for you.

Thanksgiving is about spending time together! Take lots of pictures. Don’t worry about the perfect pose or what you look like. Your family and friends know what you look like and will judge pictures a lot less than you will. Five years from now, you, your children, your family will LOVE being able to look back on a fun day! And candid shots are the best (once you have  a little distance to appreciate them if you are self-conscious right now.) And, step out of the kitchen. Don’t spend all your time slaving over the stove. Be part of the day. Take part in the fun and memory making.

And if all else fails, put purple food coloring in the mashed potatoes just for fun. If you do, send me a picture. It would make my week 🙂

Happy Thanksgiving!! I am thankful for all of you!

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