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“Builder beige” is no fun, but repainting every room in a house doesn’t sound like my idea of a good time or budget item either. So how do you bring some life and energy to your home? “Pops of color”, there’s a reason it’s a thing. It really does work to add some happy to your world without breaking the bank or your back.

It’s often hard to know what color to choose and where the best places are in your home for these new colors. That is why we have compiled 15 ways that you can easily add color into your home decorating.

Lexington, SC Mom and Family Blogger, Lexington Mommy, shares 15 ways to brighten your home with color. Article title card.

#1 Paint your furniture a bright color: It’s a quick and easy way to add some punch to any space, especially when that dull beige or brown piece is exactly what’s been holding that space back. Try going darker but using a glossy, high-gloss finish to keep the look bright and fresh; it’ll also make the color pop.

#2 Add bold colors for furniture upholstery: Instead of getting rid of your old couch, why not paint its cushions a bright color? Painting it can be as easy as using the backside of an acrylic craft brush.

#3 Paint your wall with a bold color: You’re not limited to painting only furniture! I know I fussed before about painting all the walls. But painting an accent wall in a bright color will have a dramatic impact. If you’re worried about it being too much, put your piece of furniture on the other side of the room and add some neutral accessories in similar shades.

#4 Hang colorful artwork: Don’t be afraid to play up the color of your walls! Find an interesting piece, whether it’s wall art or even a tapestry, and hang it over a window or on any bare wall. It’ll really make a huge impact in your space. Don’t have a colorful piece? Make your own! Pick up a canvas at the art supply store. Grab some paints and have fun! It can be abstract.

Lexington, SC Mom and Family Blogger, Lexington Mommy, shares 15 ways to brighten your home with color. Picture of grey bedroom wall with wall art next to pink accent wall.
A picture of my daughter’s bedroom to show how nice a good accent wall can look next to a neutral wall like the gray. And yes, it drives me absolutely crazy that the letters on the wall art start in the wrong place. One day …

#5 Throw in a bright rug: Rugs can be changed out to fit your mood or your color scheme, so it’s a great way to play around with different colors without making permanent changes to your decor. We’d opt for something with bold stripes, as they’ll really make your decor pop!

#6 Put colorful accessories on display: If you’re a fiend for collecting knick-knacks, or if you just have some neutral pieces that could use a little pizzazz, find fun ways to display them. Bust out the macramé wall hanging you made in high school or try adding a bright piece of fabric as a backdrop to tie your pieces together.

#7 Switch out the blah hardware: Don’t have time to paint? Don’t worry! You can change the look of any wooden piece with new knobs or handles. It’s the easiest way to make old furniture feel fresh again.

#8 Hang colorful mini-blinds: If you’re hesitant about committing to a bold wall color, go for a variation on the theme with blinds. They add pattern and depth to your room without being too in-your-face. Bright and colorful curtains can have the same effect and may be easier to find.

#9 Use brightly colored serving pieces: Instead of plain white dishes at your next dinner party, use some bright red or blue ones to add some color. Then serve your guests on the patio by candlelight for an even more dramatic effect!

#10  Toss new throw pillows on the sofa:  Changing the color of the pillows on your sofa is a fast and fun way to change up your living room. Play around with different patterns and fabrics until you find something that suits your personality best!

Lexington, SC Mom and Family Blogger, Lexington Mommy, shares 15 ways to brighten your home with color. Bright orange throw pillows on a gray sofa at CoCreate Lexington
Orange throw pillows on a gray sofa brighten up the sitting area at CoCreate Lexington.

#11 Add an accent color in small doses: For a subtle pop of color, try painting inside baseboards or adding beadboard trim. If you’re going bold, hang a brightly colored piece of artwork or use some colorful jewelry to add a pop of color!

#12 Change your bedding: Switching out the color of your sheets and comforter can make a huge impact in any room. It’s a fast way to get rid of that boring tan or blue spread you’ve had for years.

#13 Add colorful storage containers: If you want something fun but not too bright, colorful storage containers can work. They’re a great way to add some color and change out the look of your shelves when you get tired of all the details!

#14 Add a brightly colored throw: Instead of using an old, dingy throw that’s seen better days (or maybe even keeping it around for nostalgia!), spring for a brightly colored throw that’ll add some fun to your space.

#15 Add a brightly colored tablecloth: Using a table runner is the easiest way to add a pop of color. You can easily swap out the runner for different colors and patterns whenever you want!

The key to adding color in your home is finding the right balance. Too much can be overwhelming, but too little will leave you feeling like something’s missing. Give some of these ideas a try! Let us know how it goes on our Facebook page and tag us on Instagram!

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