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3 Fun Ways to Stay Active Throughout Your Day

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3 Fun ways to stay active throughout your day

-Guest Post by Judy Shriner, owner/instructor of Fit4Mom – Stroller Strides of Columbia & mom of two

Who says you need a sports bra on to workout?  Every little bit helps, so if you can throw in a few squats while picking up your little one’s fork (that she threw on the ground for the umpteenth time then laughed in your face), your butt will thank you later!  Here are a few ways to incorporate fitness into your already busy days while staying home with your child(ren).

We love a good hike!

Walk every day

Make it a priority to get outside, especially on the sunny days.  Did you know that getting 10 to 15 minutes of sunlight on your face, arms, back, or legs is enough to generate your body’s vitamin D needs for a week?  A WEEK.  And what can a little sunlight do for you?  It can help strengthen your bones (we women need that!), allow you to get a better night of sleep, and it really does help make you happier.  Strap that baby into a carrier or stroller and take a walk around the neighborhood. Set a time each day and try to stick to it.

Play with your kid

Sounds like a given, huh?  But if you’re a mother of two (or more), when was the last time you were actually on the floor playing with your children?  Get down and become that silly mom, hold a plank while the little ones crawl under you and shower them with kisses each time they pass by your face.  Also, remember when dancing like a fool was fun?  Blast Pandora’s Disney station and rock out with them.  Throw in 50 jump squat while you’re dancing, they’ll think it’s a new dance move.

Make quiet time a law

You put the youngest down for a nap and now you have the preschool staring at you, silently praying you won’t enforce their quiet time… Enforce it.  Enforce it for their sake and for your sake.  A child’s day is filled with so much stimulation.  Their little brains are still developing and are in desperate need to recharge.  You also need a break.  Yes, you do need to clean.  Yes, you do need to prepare dinner.  Yes, you do still need to bake those egg-free cupcakes for your child’s birthday celebration tomorrow at their school.  But hello?!  Stop forgetting about YOUR needs.  You need to take care of yourself (and your sanity) first.

Set your kitchen timer for 15 minutes and push through a quick workout.  Start with this:

  • Climb the stair for 1 full minute (don’t wake the sleeping baby at the top!)
  • Squat 10 times
  • Perform 10 push-ups (use a coffee table or table top to perform incline push-ups if need be)
  • Lunge walk around the house
  • Repeat the entire circuit until your kitchen timer goes off.

You’ll end up having MORE energy by fitting in a quick workout and after a few weeks, you’ll start to see your the changes in your body.

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