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4th of July Crafts with the Kids

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We had such a great time on WLTX Friends at Five today!! I promised you that I would post the crafts we showed on today’s episode before I went to bed, and so I shall!


20140702_213812Popsicle Stick Flag

All you need is popsicle sticks, paint (red, white and blue), scissors, glue and optional star stickers. Paint three sticks red, paint two white and  paint two blue. After they are dry, use scissors to cut the blue sticks in half. Use a last popsicle stick as the “flag pole” and glue the red and white sticks on alternating to create the stripes. Then glue three half sticks on to create the blue area, as shown. Then finish up with stars if you like. You can paint the stars on or use stickers or however you like.


20140702_214430Rocket Hangers

For this craft you will need an empty cylindrical container (oatmeal, breadcrumbs, etc), a sheet of blue construction paper, tape, red and white ribbon, red and white paint, fireworks stencil (see below) and a hole punch. Wrap the container in blue construction paper and tape in place. Paint the container with red and white paint and your firework stencil. Once the paint is dry, punch eight holes along the top of the container. This will now become the bottom of the craft. Thread ribbon through each hole and tie it off. Poke two holes in the top (what was the bottom) and thread ribbon through to hang your rocket. Or hold it and run around the room letting it fly behind you. Easy peasy!


20140702_214200Flag T-Shirt

Simple yet so cute! Using blue fabric paint, place handprint on t-shirt. Then use red fabric paint to create stripes. Stars optional. Actually you could add stars, glitter, fireworks, all sorts of things!




My messy crafter loves her ring

My messy crafter loves her ring

Firework stencil

Simply take four pipe cleaners and wrap it around your finger and then twist twice, like you are closing a bread tie on a bag of bread. Spread the 8 ends out to create your fireworks. Use scissors to cut the ends to the desired length. You can use this as a stencil to paint with, as a fun ring, or create it around a ponytail for a cute holiday decoration for hair!


**My #1 tip is to have fun! It’s really all about the process, what the kids learn and spending time with your kids. They aren’t working on obtaining their art degree. Relax and have good time! Happy 4th!

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