5 Easy Ways to Personalize Your Graduation Party

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1 – High School and College Balloons

Step the decor up a notch and add balloons with your child’s high school colors and mascots! The Party Shoppe by Balloonopolis right here in Lexington has special mylar balloons for many of the area high schools and colleges. Stop by their store to see the options and place your orders ASAP as stock may be limited for some schools. They are located in Hope Ferry Centre at 5175 Sunset Blvd Suite 9 (near McAlister’s).

2. Create a playlist of the #1 hits from each year since they started kindergarten.

You can choose the top 3 songs of each year, the song that was #1 on their birthday, the “summer hit” for each year, or some combination. But how hype does everyone get when an awesome throwback hit starts playing on the speakers?! It’s like an auditory walk down memory lane sure to evoke some fun stories and get even the quitest wallflower to start bobbing their head.

3. Make the menu their favorite foods.

Even if it’s chicken nuggets and french fries, make the food fun and their favorites. Have a hot dog bar or mashed potato bar. Serve up a variety of different flavor “chicken nuggets” (aka boneless wings). Make the dessert table a buffet of their favorite cookies.

4. Map out where all the guests are from or places your family has been.

There’s a few fun things you could do with a map or a globe. If you have relatives coming from out of town to celebrate the big day, put a pin in each location where family is located or pin a picture of the graduate with that family member on top of their hometown. You can also map out places your family has gone for vacation and places the graduate has on his travel to-do list. Another fun idea I saw is to have all the guests sign a globe as a keepsake for the graduate.

5. Create a custom hashtag

Create a hashtag for friends and family to use on Facebook an Instagram as they post pictures of the party!

Bonus Tip: Designate a Photographer!

Last year when my son and my niece graduated, my sister threw a wonderful party for them! Cookies, barbecue, cornhole, cute pictures, the whole nine yards. We had family fly in from all over the country to celebrate the kids! And not a one of us has more than two or three pictures from the party; weird pictures at that. On one hand, it’s a testament to how much fun everyone was having and how invested everyone was in the experience and celebration. On the other hand, I’m so bummed there aren’t more pictures. The few I do have, I will treasure. As the parent, you are going to be juggling all of the things. Designate another family member or two who have offered to help as the photographer for the day. Others will probably also take pictures. But having one or two people who you KNOW are in charge of it is one less thing on your plate.

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