7 Games to Play in the Car That Don’t Need Batteries

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7 games to play in the car

We left the house without the electronics last week. This wasn’t a quick trip to the store, so I wasn’t surprised when the kid got a bit squirrely. I refused to start a movie, because if I had to listen to the same one for the 457th time on the DVD player I was going to lose it. What’s a mom to do? I tried to think of all the games to play in the car that I had learned on childhood road trips from SC to NY and back. Here’s what I came up with:

  1. The License Plate Game – Only using license plates, everyone tries to find the letters A-Z. Some play it was a group effort. Some play it more competitively and the first person to Z wins.
  2. The Alphabet Game – It’s the same idea as the license plate game BUT you can’t use license plates. You have to use billboards, buildings, road signs. Sometimes we were allowed to use license plates for Q and Z. Only sometimes.
  3. Twenty Questions – One person things of “something”. Everyone else in the car takes turns asking yes or no questions until someone correctly guesses what it is.
  4. The Animal Game – Same premise as Twenty Questions but with animals only. Pro tip: Make the person “thinking” tell one other person in the car what the answer is before you start asking questions. Some kids have a tendency to either forget what animal they were thinking of, may not know exactly how to answer a question and need some help or mysteriously change their animal mid-game.
  5. I Spy – I spy gets a little tricky in a moving vehicle. It’s best played with older kids who understand you need to pick something that people can see for a while.
  6. The Food Alphabet Game – You takes turns naming a food that begins with the next letter in the alphabet. For example, I say “Apples”. Then the kid says “Bananas”. Then the teen says “Chocolate”. And so on. This can also be played with animals.
  7. The Motorcycle Game – Instead of counting “punchbugs” like we did as kids, count motorcycles. And no punching. This also teaching kids and teens (and adults) to watch for motorcycles on the road. It’s a lesson that will serve them well in life.

So there you have it. On your next road trip or just running errands, put the screens away and have fun with games to play in the car! Each one gets the kids thinking and/or observing the world around them!

What other ideas do you have for games to play in the car?


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