9 Things to Pack for Your Next Road Trip with Kids

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School is only a few weeks away, but the opportunity for road trips is still strong for months to come. Traveling with kids can be … um … character building. Being mindful of age appropriateness, safety and common sense, here are 9 of my favorite things to throw in the car on a road trip:

1. Sleep Mask & Noise Cancelling Headphones

Whether you are driving at night or it’s naptime, sleeping in the car can be hard with the street lights, car noises, other children. Grab an inexpensive sleep mask and noise cancelling headphones or ear plugs to cut down on sights and sounds when sleeping or when just over all the stimulation.

Pack Kids Road Trip

2. Glow Sticks

You know those glow sticks and jewelry? They are awesome at night when it’s not quite time to sleep. They are fun for games and even handy as little night lights.

3. Dry Erase Markers

My love for dry erase markers is strong. You can clean them off of just about everything super easy. If their arms can reach, let them go to town coloring their windows. There are also awesome for …

pack kids road trip

4. Binder

Grab a binder and some sheet protectors. Slip a whole bunch of coloring sheets, activity sheets, bank paper in the sheet protectors, and you have a whole book of things to draw and do. Kids can color/draw ON the sheet protector making every sheet reusable since it just wipes off.

5. Cookie Sheet

A cookie sheet becomes an easy to stow lap desk. Some times life is just easier with a flat surface to play with your toys on. You can also grab a bunch of magnets letters and numbers from the dollar store to play different games and stick to the cookie sheet.

6. Audio Books

Run by the library and grab a few audio books. Excellent for the imagination and fun for the whole family.

7. Bubbles

Blowing bubbles in the car would make me crazy. BUT they are great, small portable fun for rest stops. It’s important to stop often and let everyone move and get the wiggles out.

8. Baby Powder

This is beach specific. Did you know that if you sprinkle baby powder of sand covered feet, you can then just wipe the sand off easily? Help leave the sand at the beach and not all in your car.

9. Potty Chair

Trust me on this one. Even if your child has been out of diapers for some time, on a long road trip it is also handy to have a potty seat in the trunk. When kids have to go, they have TO GO. Pro tip: Line it with a plastic grocery bag then a  disposable diaper for easy clean up.

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So where is every one off to this summer and fall? What are you packing in the car for your next road trip with kids?


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