LexingtonMommy.com was created by two sisters who have lived in or around Lexington, SC pretty much forever. Whether you have an infant or a teenager, one child or twelve, our goal is to keep you informed and smiling!

We’ve designed the website to provide you with a plethora of information on local events and resources, articles on common topics that mothers encounter, opportunities to take advantage of discounts with local businesses, and blogs to make you smile and show that we are all really just trying to keep our ducks in a semi-straight line.

We believe that offering “fingertip” access to local community resources will make life a little less crazy. Our goal is to provide a mommy website for Lexington, SC that puts a ton of information, support, and entertainment in one spot. Even more fun stuff – there is no membership required and we hope  to organize some fun and informative mommy-events throughout the year that will be open to everyone! So stop by often, sign up to receive our newsletters, keep an eye out for contests, send us your news, events, and photos, and enjoy the site. Have fun!


katiwinewalk Kati Horton
Chief Mommy in Charge

Kati is a “work at home” and homeschooling mom of four, grandmother of one, adjusting to life with only one and a half kids “in residence”. The youngest makes sure it hasn’t gotten any calmer or quieter. But it’s still different.  Kati attended Lexington High School and University of South Carolina. Kati is married to her best friend and co-circus ring leader, Chris. With “the kid” by her side (all. the. time.), Kati handles all aspects of the Lexington Mommy website and business and writes most everything you see. Kati has been a single mom, a married mom, a work outside the home mom, work at home mom, stay at home mom, teen mom, special needs mom and to young to be a grandma grandma, preschool teacher, gymnastics teacher, office manager and featured on TV and in magazines. She’s made more than her fair share of mistakes but also has some pretty nifty accomplishments. Her very smart aunt tells her, “Kati, it ain’t boring but you wouldn’t know what to do with normal or boring.” Kati’s life is a circus, but she wouldn’t trade it for the world. And it makes for awesome stories 😉


Kiri Rawson
“Super Sister”

Kiri is a working mom of two. She lives in Lexington where their children attend Pleasant Hill Middle & Lexington High. She is a graduate of Lexington High School and University of South Carolina. Kiri is Kati’s sister. While Lexington Mommy was her brain child, God called her to do other things. Kiri is now a special education teacher and taxi driver to her children’s many activities. Kiri has taken a more hands-off position with Lexington Mommy, mainly as Kati’s sounding board and ever dependable volunteer when Kati calls her freaking out.

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