CoCreate Lexington: Cowork. Craft. Community. & Why I May Keep My Sanity

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Bare with me for a bit. This is probably going to be long, but I swear it’s worth it and will all make sense by the end. CoCreate Lexington is opening this Summer. Their tagline is “Cowork. Craft. Community.” The idea is genius! But what does it all mean? We’ll get to that in a sec.

CoCreate Lexington

I don’t know if you’ve noticed lately or not, but I’ve been a bit of a hot mess for the last 12 or so months. Like barely keeping my head above water, all over the place, hot flipping mess. I was very open last summer with our nightmare of my daughter missing in California. And boy did y’all show up to help! I will be forever grateful for the way our community rallied behind my family! What we haven’t shared is the other  struggles of ALL of my children for a wide range of reasons in the last year or two. We’ve had anywhere from 2-4 kids home at different points. And each child has had a really rough year for their own reasons from medical to developmental to mental health. I haven’t shared some of it, because it’s not meant to be shared. I haven’t shared some it, because I can’t even begin to figure out HOW to share it. Overall, we are all doing ok. Tackling things one at a time, finding new tools, finding our happy at every possible moment, deep breaths and lots of prayer are getting us through. That and accepting I’m just gonna be in the car for what feels like forever each week taking the kids to different therapies, classes, etc.


It’s no surprise this has all taken a toll of my quality and quantity of work. I’m either busy taking kids to OT or school or gymnastics or other therapies. Or I’m home but the dishes are staring at me or the dog is driving me nuts or the kid is calling me. Or it’s quiet, but in that quiet, it’s too quiet, and my brain is so, so, so tired, it can’t make a straight line. I love my job, and I love working for myself. The flexibility has been such a blessing to my family is this season. But working by yourself is hard! It can be very lonely. You miss adult conversations. You doubt your decisions sometimes without an understanding ear to run things by. Photos and videos? Psht! Have you seen this house? Not a great backdrop. Pile all of that on top of the family stuff, and yeah … life has been a bit bumpy.

Kiri learning to make pasta from scratch in Italy.

Switching gears a bit, many of you know my sister, Kiri. She’s at almost all of the Lexington Mommy events, helps run the Facebook group and is pretty much the best sister you could ask for. Last year was a doozy for her as well. But once the calm settled a bit, she spent much of the year on new adventures and really soul searching. (It’s been fun to watch.) A big question for her has been, “What now?” She’s bounced several ideas around. They all came back to helping other people and creating a beautiful life. And that, my friends, is what brought about CoCreate!

So what IS CoCreate Lexington?

The vision for CoCreate Lexington is amazing! It’s quite simple but with a few moving parts.


The base of CoCreate is the coworking space.

“During the day, CoCreate is an inviting space where solopreneurs, freelancers, remote workers, microbusinesses and others can come together to form a community and reach their goals. You can work on your own and do your own thing, but also be around others with similar goals and drive.”

Welcoming, encouraging, happy, friendly, creative, coffee, lots of coffee. Private offices, flex space, meeting rooms, etc. There’s going to be a “Content Creation” room! Think photography, vlogging, podcasting space. I’m getting off track. Having the distinction between work and home is a game changer. Somewhat ironically, it helps work/life balance in huge ways. In addition to the physical space and awesome attitude, there will be “lunch and learns”, business workshops, community gatherings, all kinds of education and development opportunities for cowork members.


In the evenings and on the weekends, part of CoCreate will be open as a craft studio. The calendar will be full of events such as DIY craft nights where you can choose from a number of projects or classes to learn new crafts or expand your skills in things such as sewing, knitting, jewelry making and so many more areas. What a fabulous way to hang out with a group of friends or meet some new ones! Again, welcoming, encouraging, happy, friendly, creative.


It all comes back to community. If there’s one thing I’ve learned this year, it’s the importance of community and having a tribe. The support and encouragement of others is priceless. A community of people encouraging and supporting each other as they all create beautiful things, as they all create a life they love is what CoCreate Lexington is all about.

Kati (me) & Kiri

Circling back to me … I am busting with excitement and anticipation of what the future holds for CoCreate, for Kiri and for the community this new business will build. I am also anxiously looking forward to meeting new people, learning new things, spending time in a space that fosters my creativity, motivation and the business part of my brain with people who “get it”. Helping businesses connect with each other in beneficial ways has been one of the biggest blessings of my job. I’m looking forward to expanding that to and with this new community.

While Lexington Mommy is a piece of my heart and is not going anywhere, I have accepted a job with CoCreate as the Community Content … Artist? Director? Dang it. Guess I should learn my official title. What this means is I will help coordinate their marketing, social media, events, etc. So now I have two jobs. And still homeschool and cart kids and all that jazz. While it may seem conterintuitive that adding more to my plate would be helpful, it’s perfect. When I “became” Lexington Mommy, I had a baby for the first time in years and saw the need to build a community of moms, local moms mostly, to support, encourage, inform, cheer on. It’s been 8 years, and I am incredibly proud of what Lexington Mommy has grown to be. (Again, it’s not going anywhere.) CoCreate is quite similar but brick and mortar, in person 24/7  and for business and art. I can’t wait to see what the future holds. I can’t wait to be a part of it all.

And I would LOVE for you to join us!

As Kiri said, “Thank you for all the love, support and patience we’ve received on social media and e-mails! I can’t wait to meet you!”

You can learn more about CoCreate and sign up to receive exclusive invitations to events over the coming weeks, special offers for founding members and all the latest updates at CoCreateLexington.com

You can read Kiri’s post “Why CoCreate” on the CoCreate website.


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