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Consignment Sale Season Is Here

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It’s time to load up the closets and toy boxes for Spring & Summer! We’ve put together a list of tips for shopping consignment sales and a list of areas sales happening over the next few weeks!

1. Leave the kids at home – I know they’re cute and all, but you will have a MUCH easier time shopping without the kiddos. And the kiddos will have more fun really anywhere but the sale.

2. Bring something to carry your stuff in – There are no shopping carts. Many moms bring laundry baskets, large utility totes, beach caddies.

3. Check the payment type – The sales have different rules. Some accept everything. Some only accept cash or check or cash only. Once you know which sale takes which, throw it in your back pocket and go.

4. Make a list – List the things you NEED and look for those first. I also like to jot down my max price to remind myself to keep to my budget. Once you have looked for what you NEED, then eye the rest for deals you just can’t pass up. Don’t forget to think about toys and books! I’ve found some awesome deals on books.

5. Edit your list – If you go to multiple sales, take note of what you’ve bought already, what you need to fill in the rest of the holes and what you don’t need anymore of. I am notorious for buying a ton of cute t-shirts and leaving my kid with no pants.

6. Plan extra time – Consignment shopping takes time. Going through ALL of the stuff and then waiting to check out can take quite a while. In addition to no pants, I am notorious for getting “lost” in a sale and somehow losing LARGE chunks of time. Then looking at my phone to see texts that say “Where ARE you? Are you ever coming home? Did you get lost?” Well kinda.

7. Take a friend – It really does help to have a friend tag along. A) It’s just more fun. B) If it’s a really good friend, they will remind you what you REALLY came for and call you on it when you grab something you REALLY don’t need.

What tips would you add to the list? Know any other sales we should add to the list? Which are your favorites?


Lexington Upscale Consignment: February 26th 8am – 6pm at Wingate Inn in Lexington


Monkey Hut: March 2nd – 5th at Richland Mall


Belles & Beaus: March 11th – 13th at Ball Park Rd Rec Complex Gym


Tot Trade: March 15th-19th at Jamil Shriners Temple


MOM Sale: March 19th 7am-12pm at Brookland Baptist Health & Wellness Center


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