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DIY – Soap

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Many moms I know are moving toward making their own stuff – household things, health and beauty products, arts and crafts products, you name it. Whether it’s for health reasons or financials, the list of “make it yourself” products is growing among moms. Now you can add soap to your list! This recipe makes several bars, and the soap is awesome! Lathers well, smells awesome and lasts a long time!

You will need goat milk base, honey, almond fragrance oil, vitamin E capsules and oatmeal. While this can all be found relatively easy, I would recommend the Chemistry Store if you are also looking for other similar items or buying larger amounts to make many items at once. Not only are the very nice, but they are actually local. So you can save shipping and time by swinging over to Cayce to pick it up.

image(11)Sweet Almond Honey Oatmeal Goat’s Milk Soap

2lb Goat Milk Base
6 tsp Honey
2 tsp Almond Fragrance Oil
2 Vitamin E Capsules
1/3 to ½ cup Oatmeal

1. Cut goat milk soap base in to cubes.

2. Melt the cubes using a double boiler – not on direct heat.

3. After the soap cubes are fully melted, add honey, vitamin E and oatmeal. Mix well then add fragrance oil and mix again.

4. Spray a muffin pan or soap mold. image(10)

5. Pour mixture in and let it fully cool. (An hour or longer)

6. Pop out soaps. I wrapped mine individually in wax paper then threw in them in a ziploc bag for storage. Or you can get fancy with labels and ribbons 🙂


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