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Election Day Info for Lexington County

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Ahhhh Election Day! I think most of us are both dreading its arrival and anxious to get it behind us.

Whoever you vote for, do your research! Make an informed decision! And local elections are every bit as important, if not more important.

To see YOUR Sample Ballot and other helpful voter information, visit www.scvotes.org. You can also check your voter registration information and your polling place.

For information on “absentee voting” in Lexington County, you can call the Registration and Elections office @ 803-785-8361 or visit

So here’s a run down on your upcoming elections.

I did not include links to each candidates websites. Google is your friend. This is all for Lexington County. This is a starting point. Do your research!
(I’ll work on coming back and adding some links as I get time, because I love y’all.)

U.S. President/U.S. Vice President (Lord, help us)

Hillary Rodham Clinton
Darrell Castle
Evan McMullin
Jill Stein
Donald J Trump
Peter Skewes
Gary Johnson

U.S. Senator (South Carolina)
U.S. Representative (South Carolina’s 2nd congressional district):
Then there’s the State Level offices, such as State Senate (many were decided by primaries). Check SCVotes.org to verify which district you live in.
District 18: Ronnie Cromer
District 20:
Scott Lewis West
John Courson
District 23: Katrina Shealy
District 25: Shane Massey
District 26:
Nikki Setzler
State House of Representatives
District 39:
Tillman Gives
Cal Forrest

District 69: Rick Quinn

District 71: Nathan Ballentine

District 85: Chip Huggins

District 87: Todd Atwater

District 88: Mac R Toole

District 89:
Rosemounda Peggy Butler
Robert Lampley
Micah Caskey

District 93: Russell L Ott

District 96:
Robert L Vanlue
Kit Spires

While most county level elections are easy since they were pretty much decided during the primaries and there’s only one person running…
Lexington County Register of Deeds: Tina Guerry, Republican Party
Lexington County Auditor: Chris Harmon, Republican Party
Lexington County Clerk of Court: Lisa Cromer, Republican Party
Lexington County Treasurer: Jim Eckstrom, Republican Party
Lexington County Solicitor: Rick Hubbard, Republican Party
Lexington County Sheriff: Jay Koon, Republican Party
Lexington County Council, District 1: Scott Whetsone
Lexington County Council District 3: Darrell Hudson
Lexington County Council District 4: Debbie Summers
Lexington County Council District 5: Bobby Keisler
Lexington County Council District 6: Erin Long Bergeson
Soil and Water District Commission: Brent Weaver

… There’s one with some competition.

Lexington County Coroner – The closest I can find to what the coroner does, “The mission of the Lexington County Coroner’s Office is to serve all citizens of Lexington County with the same commitment, care, and compassion we would expect for our families and ourselves, while determining cause and manner of death in a professional, respectful, and dignified manner. ”
(this one has gotten unnecessarily ugly)

Now on to your school districts which are SUPER important!

Lexington One: (You may pick 4)
The closest I can find to a job description, “School board members carefully develop policies, take actions, and make decisions for our schools that reflect the values and expectations of the citizens of the Gilbert, Lexington, Pelion, and White Knoll attendance areas.” Here’s a link to “Board Policies” http://policy.microscribepub.com/cgi-bin/om_isapi.dll?depth=2&infobase=lex.nfo&softpage=PL_frame

The Greater Lexington Chamber sent each of the Lexington One candidates a questionaire and will be posting the answers next week. I’ll add the link when it’s up.

Here is a link to the completed questionaires the Chamber received from Anne Marie Green, Brent Powers & Cindy Smith. http://www.lexingtonsc.org/know-candidates-school-board-edition/

Mike Anderson
Anne Marie Green
Jean Haggard
Grady Harmon
Brent Powers
Cynthia Smith

Lexington Two:

Bill Bingham, Jr
Beth Dickerson Branham
Glen Conwell
Cindy Kessler
Kevin Key
Ken Scheller

Lexington Three:
Craig A Caughman
Stacey B Derrick
Leon Drafts
Lancer Shull
Lexington Four:
Daniel Martin
Viola Frances McDaniel
Kathy Mixson
Chris Pound
Doris W Simmons
Tim Williams
Lexington Richland Five:
Michael Cates
Beth Burn Hutchison
Barb Waldman
And last but not least, Town elections …
There are three seats up for election. Five people are running, three incumbents. It’s an “at large” election. So you pick 3 out of 5.

Steve Baker, Baker Collision Express

Todd Carnes, Incumbent, SouthernMed

Jeannie Michaels, Exit REC

Todd Shevchik, Incumbent, Lexington Life Magazine

Ron Williams, Incumbent, Hall Marine

The Greater Lexington Chamber sent each of them a questionnaire and has posted their answers.
For what it’s worth, I STRONGLY encourage to you very closely at the local elections and do your research. Especially the school boards. They do SO much, and that election is very important. I’m eager to see their answers and info. If you live in Lexington, please remember the scope and jurisdiction of the County Council and the Town Council are different. Don’t blame one for problems of the other. I’m personally a huge fan of Town Council and think they do an excellent job. If you live in a different town, don’t be afraid to call your town hall and ASK what elections are happening on a local level and where you can find more information. I wish I could list every single one for you.

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