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Friday Favorites – March 17, 2017

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Now before we get into this, let’s have a little sidebar.

There may be an affiliate link. It does not change what you pay at all. It may pay me a few pennies when you order. Just being very upfront about this. It is a nice way to support your favorite bloggers if you come across these and it’s something you would normally buy. And I’ll mark any affiliate links clearly.

This Week’s Friday Favorites

I’ve been kicking around the idea of a monthly or weekly post about cool things I’ve seen, used, thought, bought. Whatever. No better time than now to start, right? So I present to you “Friday Favorites”.

This week’s list of things I’ve pretty jazzed about these day:

Friday Favorites - My New Hobby

Instagram Stories

I had a serious Snapchat addiction a few months ago. The problem became my phone and Snapchat were NOT getting along. Sadly, I finally gave up and took it off my phone. The frustration that occurred like 7 times a day was not healthy. Right around that time, the internet universe shined down upon me and Instagram Stories became a thing that everyone was using!

My favorites are the “behind the scenes, day in the life” kinda stories where people are not so “Instagram polished”. One of the cool things about Instastories … is that the name? Instastories? Instagram Stories? Gives a whole new meaning to “I’m watching my stories”. Sorry. Anyways. One of the big things I like over Snap is that I don’t have to hunt down people and hope I have the right username. It’s Instagram. You know exactly who it is and how to find people. If you haven’t checked it out, you totally should!

Do you follow us on Instagram? www.instagram.com/lexingtonmommy  I don’t post a ton on Stories. I keep meaning to post more. But it’d mostly be silly kids and random ridiculousness from me and them? Would you be interested in seeing more on our Story? Who are some of your favorite people to follow for IG Stories?

PS – I’m not into “Messenger Day”. I know it just started a bit ago. But so far, I feel like the powers that be have gone a little too far in the “overkill” category. Ask me again in a month or two.


How gorgeous was that snow last weekend?!?! Tons of big, giant, fat, fluffy flakes falling from the sky! It was BEAUTIFUL! Snow falling like that makes my soul happy. I wish it had stuck. A little. Not being trapped in the house for multiple days also makes me happy. Let’s think about the amazing, happy, beautiful snow and all smile together 🙂

My New Bracelet

My sister bought me a fabulous new bracelet that says “Wake Up. Kick Ass. Sleep. Repeat.” I LOVE IT! My bracelet reminds me through the day to do just that. Kick Ass. Some days it’s kicking ass at work, planning an event or working with a client.  Some days it’s kicking ass while changing diapers and making pb&j’s and taxiing kids. We got the bracelet at Soda City Market. For the life of me, I can’t remember the name of the vendor selling them. I hope to run down there this weekend for a $10 box of produce. If I do, I’ll try to find them again and update with the name. Back to the bracelet, being a mom is HARD! Don’t ever forget that you are a rock star! Yoga pants and all, go kick ass!

Friday Favorites - My New Book

My New Book

Ok, I may be a little premature in listing this as a favorite thing since I’ve only had time to read exactly 2.5 chapters in the two weeks that I’ve had this book. However those 2.5 chapters make me want to audibly say “Yes! Exactly! Oooooh that makes so much sense! Ok, I can dig into this!” So far it’s about exactly what the title says, “You Are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life”. Remember how we talked about affiliate links, this is one where you can buy “You Are A Badass” on Amazon -> http://amzn.to/2n4GRAd

Let’s Wrap It Up …

Thanks for reading through my very first list of things I’m pretty jazzed about this week! I would say it’s a safe bet it’ll get tweaked as the weeks go by. I’d love to hear your thoughts and suggestions! Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram, and let us know your thoughts on stories, what you’d like to see on our story and who are your favorite people to follow!

Hugs to you! Go Kick Ass!!



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