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7 Things I Love This Friday – March 31, 2017

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Ok, so straight out of the gate I missed a week of this new “Friday Favorites” type thing. Sorry! It’s been a crazy week. Well, it’s always a crazy something around here. We just seem to change types of crazy. But I’m getting off topic. Among all of the crazy, these are a few things I’m loving this week. Some are new loves. Some are tried and true loves.

Now before we get into this, let’s have a little sidebar. There may be an affiliate link. It does not change what you pay at all. It may pay me a few pennies when you order to keep me in coffee. Just being very upfront about this. It is a nice way to support your favorite bloggers if you come across these and it’s something you would normally buy. And I’ll mark any affiliate links clearly.

This Week’s Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites - Cosmic Kids1. Cosmic Kids Yoga

Cosmic Kids Yoga has been a favorite in our house for years! It’s yoga for kids through storytelling. The kids are fascinated! The stories are fun. Jamie’s voice and accent mesmerizes the kids. Ok and me. The stories are everything from fables to originals to based on popular movies. Cosmic Kids also has videos of guided meditation for kids and a series focused on mindfulness, “Zen Den”. You can find all of their videos for free on Youtube at https://www.youtube.com/user/CosmicKidsYoga. Or if you would prefer a DVDs, there are several available on Amazon. (Affiliate link) Cosmic Kids Yoga – Series 2 DVD. Bedtime Yoga!


Friday Favorites - Pizza Cutter

2. Pizza Cutters

Hear me out. You need at least one pizza cutter in your house, especially if you have toddlers. But Kati, I don’t make pizza that often. Me either! So let’s discuss the things I have cut this week easily and quickly with a handy, dandy pizza cutter:
Hot dogs
Grapes (watch your fingers)
Seriously. Get a pizza cutter.

3. Vlogging, kinda

Not me vlogging. I have thought about it a few times. But my house is too messy. I just don’t know. Although there is a running rumor/joke that one evening I am going to do a Youtube video or Facebook video answering all kinds of questions with my sister and my BFF after we’ve had a glass of wine or three. “Lexington Mommy Uncensored and Tipsy”? What’s your vote on that one?

Ok, so what I HAVE started doing a bit is watching vlogs. Some nights, I watch one or two before I go to bed. From a business perspective, I’m mildly addicted to Gary Vaynerchuk’s videos. From a parenting and sort of business perspective, my favorite so far is Amanda Muse. I’m open to other suggestions!

4. Live PD

Ohemgee! Every Friday and Saturday, I watch Live PD from 9pm to midnight while I am working. It’s beyond fascinating to see what police officers deal with every night. They follow six different police departments around the country and live stream it. It adds to the fascination that one of the departments is Richland County. It’s on A&E. I know it may sound like a strange thing to be glued to, but you need to watch an episode or two at least to see what all the fuss is about.

5. Leapfrog: Letter Factory

While I worked with the kid on letters and sounds and read to her a TON, I’m fairly certain she really learned her letters and to read with two videos, Leapfrog: Letter Factory and Talking Words Factory. She loved watching them! Now that the 2 year old is showing a serious interest in letters, we’re dusting off the old favorites. Letter Factory goes through all of the letters and their sounds. Talking Words Factory puts the sounds together to make CVC words and touches on blend sounds. My only criticism is Letter Factory is only upper case letters. There’s another Leapfrog video we watched a few times to help out with matching upper case to lower case. I think it had a ferris wheel? I’ll have to look a bit. Here’s a link to the Leapfrog videos on Amazon. It is an affiliate link. I’ve linked the individual videos, but there are a ton of options for bundles of videos.
LeapFrog: Letter Factory

LeapFrog: Talking Words Factory

6. Produce Boxes at Soda City

I think everyone has heard of Soda City in downtown Columbia on Main Street every Saturday morning. There are a bunch of cool vendors and always a few great musicians. It’s amazing people watching! My favorite part is the $10 produce boxes. You get a box and walk about a number of tables lined with all kinds of produce. Just pick the produce you want until your box is full. No matter what’s in the box, it’s $10. If you aren’t ready to walk to the car, write your name on your box with a marker and set it off to the side on a different table. When you are ready to go, grab your box on your way back to the car. We’ve gotten beautiful produce every time!

With all that being said and as much as I love Soda City, I’m anxiously awaiting the Lexington Farmer’s Market to return in May!

7. Gamecock Excitement

Let’s address the elephant in the room. When did South Carolina become a basketball school?!? I’m a Carolina girl to my very core. However if you’d asked me to bet a few months ago that both teams would be in Final Four, I would’ve said “no thank you”.  It’s been SO fun to watch everyone cheer on the Gamecocks and Lady Gamecocks. I mean … y’all. It’s pretty damn awesome that either team are in the Final Four. But BOTH?! Hell yeah! I’ll be the first to admit that I know squat about basketball. But it’s still been so fun to see the love and support for our athletes! GO COCKS!

*The Lady Gamecocks won while I was writing this. Yay!! Bring on the National Championship!

What’s on your list of Friday Favorites this week?

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