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"I'm Bored" Jar

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We’ve been on break for a few weeks now. Are the kids starting to get a little restless?

It may be time to introduce the “I’m Bored” jar or the “There’s Nothing To Do” jar. It is what it sounds like – a jar with slips of paper listing activities for your children to do. The (changeable upon your preferences) rules are if Mom catches you saying anything along the lines of stating boredom, you must take one slip from the “I’m Bored” jar and perform that activity.

The goal is not to punish your children, but to encourage them to come up with activities on their own and avoid just laying around complaining of nothing to do or about what you pick out.


Customize your activities and the times for your family based on age and surroundings.

The list of activities in this jar:

Go for a walk around the block

Take the dog for a walk.

Practice ball toss for tennis – 50 times

Run up and down driveway 5 times (it’s a long driveway)

Go on Kahn Academy (academic website)

Complete 2 handwriting sheets

Go fishing

Go look in the woods for three cool/new/different things

Play with a pet

Do 20 push-ups & 30 sit-ups

Match socks

Play with the dog for 20 minutes

Practice an instrument for 20 minutes (10 for younger child)

Read a book for 20 minutes

Water Mommy’s plants

Write Grandma a letter

Play with sidewalk chalk

Play Hopscotch

Clean bottom of your closet

Organize your books

Ride your bike

Jump rope

Hula Hoop

Write a picture book

Play in the sprinklers

Make a list of 20 things you are grateful for

Write a Thank You note to Daddy for working so hard

Complete a craft project

Make an obstacle course outside

Stretch for 20 minutes

Create a dance

Read your Bible for 10-20 minutes

Play Wii fitness

And 2-3 slips that say “Chore of Mommy’s Choice”

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  1. cindy choilds

    August 20, 2013 at 7:25 pm

    what family cant use an Idea as this in this electronic world.

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