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My son getting a stripe on his belt

My son getting a stripe on his belt

The following is a sponsored article from Lexington Jiu Jitsu. However, I couldn’t post it without adding my honest opinion. I can not express how happy I am with Lexington Jiu Jitsu and Jeb Brown and what being part of this program has done for my son! He LOVES going to class and I LOVE going to watch him! His confidence has grown, along with his focus and coordination. Jeb is incredible with the kids, making sure they are comfortable and understand everything. He moves things along at the perfect speed, never too fast and never too slow. If you have ANY questions you would like answered from a parent’s point of view, email me. I hope to see some of you there this fall. And don’t miss the part about saving $50 🙂

16-Week Jiu Jitsu & Anti Bully Course – FALL 2013

Dates: August 20 thru December 5

Cost: $280 plus $20 testing fee at the conclusion of the program. Uniform included!

Training Days: Tuesday & Thursday @ 6p – 6:45p.

Special offers: First 10 to sign up get $50 OFF! We have only 6 discounted spots left! (at this time) Refer a friend get $25 off your next 16 Week Course.


The Program: Our 16 Week Course is strategically designed to cover all areas of Self-Defense against Bullying. This includes Verbal Bullying and Physical Bullying, both of which encompass surprise attacks, anti-boxing and ground grappling. We teach kids to avoid a fight at all costs via non-violent conflict resolution. However, if physically attacked, our kids will use controlling techniques and submission technique to control and end an attack. We do not teach hitting and kicking. Imagine your child exchanging punches with a much larger stronger kid. It won’t work out. Therefore, we utilize leverage and timing to neutralize any physical attack.

Seeing progress: Each week of training, students will learn a new sequence of moves that are Anti Bully driven. They will use each sequence in an unscripted reflex development.  It’s reflex development that will ensure children will truly learn to defend themselves. The cool thing as parents is you’ll watch your child progress through our system with great success all the while having a fun time. Learning the Gracie Jiu Jitsu system can instill confidence and self esteem that will last forever! Give your child that gift today.

Rank: Every 4 weeks your child will display his/her knowledge by reviewing the month’s sequences thus earning a FREE promotion. A stripe on the belt will be awarded. At the conclusion of 16 weeks your child will display his/her knowledge by testing for a brand new belt color by reviewing all sequences learned. This will be a very rewarding and uplifting experience for your child, and we are excited to have your kids reach this point. We encourage parents to bring cameras to take picture of the event. Now your child will be ready to enroll in the next 16 Week Course.

Each 16 Week Course builds on the last. Our goal is to make your child proficient at every possible scenario. While attending just one 16 Week course will give your child a HUGE advantage over a Bully, attending multiple courses will engrain these skills into your child’s muscle memory. Giving your kids the gift of confidence is one of the most powerful tools of all.

Lexington Jiu Jitsu is an Academy that provides a fun, relaxed, family environment while providing a real life training experience. Our Instructor Jeb Brown has 10+ years of experience and is a Certified Gracie Jiu Jitsu Instructor. He provides a training atmosphere that kids can thrive in. Come try class FREE for a week to see for yourself. No strings attached! We know your going to love what we’re doing!

jiujitsuadLexington Jiu Jitsu
5495 Sunset Blvd
Lexington, SC 29072

email: jeb@graciecolumbia.com


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