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Lexington Lights Go “Live”, Decrease Travel Time

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I’m sure you’ve seen the cameras that appeared a few months ago on traffic lights in downtown Lexington. They are for “video detection” of traffic flow as part of Lexington’s new Adaptive Signalization System. (No, they aren’t to ‘catch’ you doing anything.)

Basically the cameras are connected to computers that detect traffic flow and adjust the timing of traffic lights accordingly. The town officially unveiled five of the traffic lights as they went “live” earlier in January. In the three weeks since the system switched to real time control, travel time has decreased by 18% for the downtown corridor and 10% at the other three lights.

Over the next two years, travel time is expected to continue to improve as the system is expanded and more lights are added to the “real time” system, totaling 35 by the end of 2017.

Press release from Town of Lexington:

Town of Lexington Goes “Live” with Adaptive Signalization System


In December 2015, the Town of Lexington officially transitioned to our new Adaptive Signalization System through video detection on FIVE signals in the downtown area. This month (January 5th), we officially unveiled these five signals as they went “live” and were converted over to “real time” control in place of “analog rotation” control. 

The affected signals include:

           Main Street @ Church Street & Lake Drive

           W. Main Street @ Park Rd & Old Chapin Rd

•           Columbia Avenue @ Butler Street

Since implementation, the downtown corridor has experienced an 18% DECREASE in travel time.  The Columbia Ave. / W Main St. corridor has experienced a 10% decrease in travel time.  As the system expands and becomes “live” on adjacent signals, these times are expected to further improve.  The entire system (35 signals) is expected to be functioning “live” by the end of 2017.


Learn more about the Adaptive Signalization System during Mayor MacDougall’s State of the Town Address on Monday, February 1, 2016 at 6:30pm at our Council Meeting as he acknowledges all of the Town of Lexington’s major accomplishments in 2015 and present our goals for this year. You may also watch the Address live on our TWC station or at www.lexsc.com


Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/pages/Town-of-Lexington-SC/140698349305096

Twitter – https://twitter.com/TownLexingtonSC”

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