Lexington Mommy T-Shirts Available on Amazon

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We’ve kicked around the idea of different Lexington Mommy T-Shirts for years. Of course we have the super cozy event t-shirts that we’ve made for the past six years for Babies & Bumps and Lexington Mommy Expo. But we wanted to create something that was more … mom-universal. A few months ago we were approved for a Merch by Amazon account which was a huge step. In the past weeks, we’ve designed 5 t-shirts and have been trying a few things out. Now the t-shirts are live and available for order!!

A few things to note about the Lexington Mommy T-Shirts:

They are each available in several colors.

We’ve opted for “premium t-shirts”. The shirts so far are from the same brand we use for our events t-shirt, Bella + Canvas. They are a bit of a different blend, so they are a just a tiny bit thicker than the events t-shirts. But I think this is a plus!

They do run a bit small based on what we’ve seen so far. We’ve made them available in “men’s cut” which is a bit longer and wider and “women’s cut” which is a bit more fitted. From the feedback we’ve received, I suggest ordering a size up, especially in the women’s cut.  I think the youth ones are pretty true to size.

Since they are print on demand, it takes longer than the usual two day shipping, even with Prime. But it’s so worth the wait!

My favorite (so far):

“Breathe. Pray. Baby Step. Repeat.” T-Shirt

My sister’s favorite (so far):

This Is My Circus T-Shirt

Which goes with this kid’s shirt:

(Which would be so cute for family pictures)

“Monkey” T-shirt

The shirt that’s sold the most so far on Amazon for us:

“Not my circus. Not my monkeys.” T-shirt

And our Lexington Mommy T-shirt for all:

Lexington Mommy: Ducks in a Line Shirt

Which are your favorites? We’d LOVE to hear your feedback!

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