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Lexington School of Music: A Mom’s Logistical Dream! An Unconventional Review

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Voted #1 by pretty much everyone, largest in the state, state of the art equipment, college trained, professional performers for teachers, a wide variety of instruments offered, wide range of hours seven days a week, recitals twice a year, little to no extra hidden costs – the list goes on and on. These are all the amazing things about Lexington School of Music you will see on the news, in other articles and on their website. And they are all true! Lexington School of Music is very impressive! But let me tell you about all the things that jumped out at me. Because it could even be Juilliard, but if it’s painful for me to take my kid every week, I’m not going. (Ok well maybe for Juilliard, but you know what I mean.) (Stick with me. We’ll get to the music part after a few things.)



First let’s talk location, location, location, location.

Lexington School of Music is located at 226 Barr Road, next to Lexington Presbyterian, only about half a mile off of Hwy 1. What I love about this is it’s close enough to “downtown Lexington” to be … well close to everything. But it’s just outside of everything enough to not make it a traffic nightmare. And Barr Rd is one of those beautiful roads in Lexington that you can get to from just about anywhere without going on one of the ‘main roads’ and getting hung up in traffic. No sitting, waiting to turn in or turn out long. No sitting at a light and thinking, “I can see it! We’re going to be late and I can see the building!”  (If you are new to town, learning the back roads is one of the first things you need to do! You can get anywhere from anywhere. It’s great!)


Another thing about the location – the property is huge!


There’s a yard and picnic tables!

The yard is HUGE! I would love to have this yard. On both sides of the building and behind (away from Barr Rd), there is PLENTY of space for any brothers or sisters to run, play catch, toss a frisbee while a sibling is in their lesson or before or after a lesson to burn off some energy. There are also several picnic tables, perfect for an outdoor afterschool snack or doing homework. And don’t forget the rocking chairs on the front porch! When my older son has an activity, I usually dread taking my younger one. She wants to play and move and not be cooped up while being shushed. I don’t blame her! Here, she can run outside. We can take the soccer ball or especially if it’s an evening lesson, have a small picnic snack. At Lexington School of Music, they chose a beautiful property and love for the families to make use of the outdoor space.



The parking lot is massive!

I could turn around my minivan while towing a minivan. Am I the only one who gets freaked out trying to back out of a space or even get into a space when the parking lot is claustrophobic? The building used to be a design firm for large trucks or something. So yes, you could turn around a giant truck in the parking lot. It’s one of the reason owner, Marty Fort, loves the property, too. You don’t have to worry about inching out and having to get within millimeters of someone’s bumper while doing a  47 point turn to get out of a space. The spaces themselves seem larger than normal. So when the kid swings open the car door, chances are much less that he or she just dinged another mom’s car. You also won’t be squished between your car and door while trying to buckle the little in the car seat and not accidentally ding the other car.



The family friendly design continues inside!

When you first walk in Lexington School of Music, you walk in to the waiting room. It also gives you plenty of room to hang out in while waiting. No tripping over other parents or having to shimmy by. Plenty of room for kids to sit on the floor and play with a toy or two if outside isn’t an option or your cup of tea.

Also in the waiting room is a selection of retail products. This is nice to me, because I’d rather not have to make a trip to somewhere else to buy my kid’s next book if I can avoid it.



But probably the coolest thing is the monitors. There are cameras in every practice room and a giant monitor in the waiting room. It’s great to be able to see what your kid is doing. And if you are like me,  want to double check that they are behaving and working hard.

There’s just so much space in the building. The halls are wide and easy to pass someone in. The bathrooms are a great size. That’s handy especially when you have to take a kid potty and need more room to navigate. There’s also a small kitchen area.



Moving on to the actual lesson.

All of the practice rooms are sound proofed and have a window in the door. So if you would like to see a little more than the monitor shows you, you can walk down the hall and take a peek and listen in. You can also sit in on a lesson if you would like. They have an open door policy. (Personally, I would peek but I’d make my kids nuts if I sat in on the lesson.)


When life happens, there are make up lessons!

It’s just a fact that life throws us curve balls, and through the year, we’re probably going to miss a lesson at some point. Lexington School of Music offers make up lessons on Saturdays! It’s nice to not “lose” a week of lessons (and payment). Saturday make up lessons are group lessons which adds the bonus of a  different dynamic working within a group, seeing how other kids play and learning from new people.


Hard work and practicing is rewarded!

Marty Fort, owner of Lexington School of Music, designed a unique system for tracking and rewarding students’ hard work and dedication. The Music Ladder System, now patented, give kid’s achievable goals to work towards and reach by practicing, continuing lessons and working hard. Not only is it a nifty bracelet that the kids wear with pride, the teachers and staff make a big deal out of earning these levels. I can’t tell you how many times I had to argue with my children over the past ten years about practicing and going to their lessons. When Mom says it, it’s nagging. When the school says it, makes it a big deal and rewards it, then it’s fun work and encouraging. (And saves you a lot of hassle)

Other honorable mentions for things I really like –

  • There is always someone at the front desk during regular hours to answer the phone and answer your questions. If you happen to get voice mail, they are on another call and will call you right back.
  • There is REALLY cool art on the walls! I know this seems frivolous, but I love it. Not only is it just fun to look at, but it makes a great way to introduce your child to some great artists or have awesome discussions about music. There are also some really cool pictures of students that were taken during their annual picture day. Yes, there is picture day. How cool is that?
  • Going to back to many of the things I mention at the beginning, it’s just an amazing school. They are consistently voted #1 by the magazines for a very good reason. The teachers are great. The options for hours and instruments are great. The equipment is great. It doesn’t get any better than this in the Midlands!

Come See & Play with us on September 19th!

Lexington Mommy is hosting an Open House at part of South Carolina’s largest music school, Lexington School of Music.

WIN ROCKIN’ STUFF! Enter the raffle for your chance to win three free months of lessons, a free guitar, gift certificates, Little Gym gift certificates and more!


TAKE A TOUR! Tour Lexington’s largest and newest music school. Check out the Mom friendly waiting areas, large observation windows, state of the art rooms
and unique outdoor play and waiting areas for children.


From 1-4 p.m. you can meet some of the instructors and get free demos on the guitar, piano, drums, singing lessons or ukulele.
*Times vary for the free instrument demos so if you are interested in a specific instrument only, please email info@lexingtonschoolofmusic.com
or call 803-996-0623 for a detailed schedule of the instrument you are interested in. We work with children ages 4 and up!

Don’t forget to invite your friends!

Music lessons aren’t just for kids. It’s never to late to learn something new!



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