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Midlands Area McDonald’s Donate 38,659 Happy Meals to Harvest Hope

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I’m so excited to share with you that local area McDonald’s donated  38, 659 Happy Meals to local children through Harvest Hope Food Bank! Thank YOU for taking part in the “Buy One, Give One Happy Meal” program and being a part of this!


Happy Meal vouchers donated to Harvest Hope Food Bank to support child-feeding programs

COLUMBIA, SC – DEC. 21, 2015 – McDonald’s® restaurants in the Midlands donated 38,659 Happy Meals® to local children in need through a program called “Buy One, Give One Happy Meals” that ran from April 2015 thru December 2015.

In April 2015, local McDonald’s owner/operators came together to launch a new program that empowers families to give a meal to a local child who does not know from where his or her next meal is coming, with local McDonald’s owner/operators picking up the tab.  In January, the U.S. Census Bureau released that 16 million—or one in five children—were on food stamps in 2014, the highest number since the nation’s economy tumbled in 2008.* McDonald’s “Buy One, Give One Happy Meal” program inspired families to purchase a Happy Meal, and with that purchase, McDonald’s donated a second Happy Meal to Harvest Hope Food Bank to give to a local child who is food insecure.

One in six South Carolina families will not have enough food to feed themselves each night.**

We chose to partner with Harvest Hope because they are committed to putting food directly into the mouths of those who need it most,” said Teruko Langley, local McDonald’s owner/operator.    “Through Buy One, Give One Happy Meals, we at McDonald’s can do our part to provide these children in need with a meal, and also empower our customers to be part of the giving and understand the problem they are helping address.”

The Buy One, Give One Happy Meal program took place on the first Monday of the month at all participating Midlands area McDonald’s restaurants starting in April and running through December 2015.  (Monday April 6th, Monday May 4th, Monday June 1st, Monday July 6th, Monday August 3rd, Monday Sept. 7th Monday Oct. 5th, Monday Nov. 2nd and Monday Dec. 7th).  For each Happy Meal purchase made on the first Monday of the month from April through December 2015, McDonald’s donated Happy Meal redemption cards to Harvest Hope to ensure that each local customer is helping a fellow community member in need.  Harvest Hope services 20 South Carolina counties through multiple partnering agents across the state.

“No other product represents children and food quite like a Happy Meal, and now more than ever, Happy Meals provide wholesome choices such as apple slices, low-fat yogurt, and low-fat or fat-free milk,” said Langley. “We are committed to being a good neighbor and because of our breadth throughout the area, we are in a unique position to help address this need in our community during 2015.”

McDonald’s of Columbia, SC Co-Op*** donated 38,659 total Happy Meals during the course of 2015 through the Buy One, Give One Happy Meals campaign.

 “Hunger relief for at-risk children is a cornerstone of Harvest Hope’s mission in South Carolina, especially during the summer months and holidays when children will miss the nourishment they regularly receive at school,” said Harvest Hope’s Children’s Feeding Program Coordinator, Danielle St. Marie. “McDonalds understands the importance of providing meals to children in struggling families, and has stepped up with their signature Buy One Give One program to help us feed more children.”

Customers can follow McDonald’s of Columbia at @McD_Columbia and Harvest Hope at @HarvestHopeFB.

United States Census Bureau press release “One in Five Children Receive Food Stamps, Census Bureau Reports


** http://www.harvesthope.org/hunger

*** McDonald’s of Columbia, SC Co-Op serves Batesburg, Calhoun, Clarendon, Kershaw, Lexington, Orangeburg, Richland, Saluda & Sumter counties


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