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Our Preschool Calendar Board & "Plan"

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I posted a picture of this on Facebook this week and got a lot of feedback and questions. Sooo… here is our board and how I made it!


First the pieces-

I printed the weather parts from Confessions of a Homeschooler. She has an amazing website with tons of free printables, “Letter of the Week” preschool curriculum and lots of other goodies!

The Bible verse came from Raising Rock Stars over at 1+1+1=1. She also has a ton of free printables and curriculum!

Putting it together –
I laminated just about everything. (Thanks to my sister for donating her laminator!) Then I hole punched most things and decided to use hooks and binder rings to hang them on the board. This way I can keep all of the dates and days together and don’t have to keep up with the extras in another place. The weather pieces are velcroed so the little one can put them up one day at a time. I decided to put those extra pieces in a zip-lic bag with a hole to hang it on the board. I’m hoping it stays with the board so I don’t lose it. I have seen where other people attach bags with extra pieces to the backs of their boards.

Our “Plan” for right now –

We are doing little weekly lessons using pieces of “Letter of the Week” and “Raising Rock Stars“. This hits on letters, early math skills, fine motor skills, etc. They are each wonderful free curricula. So like this week, I just went to each blog, found their posts for “A” and took a few things from each. “Letter of the Week” has more letter, math, etc type stuff. “RRSP” has a weekly Bible verse, letter, number and sight word for each letter/week.

We are keeping everything pretty laid back and simple. Only a few minutes of “school” stuff a few times a week with the things I’ve pulled. And of course, we read a lot and do other fun, typically kid stuff, like arts and crafts. My little one is three and due to a late birthday, would only be starting 3k this coming fall. On one hand, I’m not in a huge rush to push school and academics, but on the other hand, she’s such a little sponge – why not do a little as long as she is loving it so much?

The other cool thing I’ve done, especially this summer, is to try to have the big kids be the one to read her the story that goes along with the Bible verse and have them do one of the activities with her. Not only does it help foster their relationship and involve the whole family, but let’s face it – teenagers can use all the reinforcement you can give them for Bible study and reminders to be nice and to read your Bible and do what it says.

So there you have it – I guess this means we’re homeschooling?

I’d LOVE to hear your comments, questions, ideas, what you’re doing with your little ones or what you are looking forward to them doing in school this year!

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