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Our Trip To – #donthesitaste Sweet’N Low Truck Tour

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I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for Sweet’N Low. I received a promotional item to thank me for my participation.

“The kid” and I had a blast!

When I was a kid, my mom was strictly ‘anti-sugar’ and used a lot of Sweet’N Low in everything. A lot. In Everything. It’s probably no surprise that this made me crave sugar even more because it was a no-no. It got to the point that around the age of 10, I developed an almost Pavlovian icky response to seeing a pink packet and refused to even look at it. Thankfully, as an adult I have learned “all things in moderation”.

It’s been many, many years since I have tried Sweet’N Low. When this opportunity was offered to me, I approached it … curiously. I went with an open mind, interested to see how my reaction to the taste of Sweet’N Low has changed over the past two or so decades. I’m glad I didn’t hesitate or pass up the chance to try!
Sweet’N Low has launched the “Don’t Hesita(s)te” national tour this summer, taking their sampling truck all across the country for people to try free sweetened beverages. “Don’t Hesita(s)te” ( #donthesitaste ) is all about that moment (just like I almost had) where someone may stop for a second and miss out on something super yummy.
We were invited to stop by the air show in Greenwood to visit with the Sweet’N Low crew and try some sweet tea made with Sweet’N Low. I took the challenge and tried it. It was good!
Not only was it good, but I couldn’t pick out the taste of the Sweet’N Low. Does that make sense? For example when my mom would make sweet tea, she would put in (too much) Sweet’N Low and as a kid, it seemed like I could just taste it alone. Or maybe it was psychological or my taste buds have grown up. Who knows. But the sweet tea I sampled was really good! The big test would be what did my youngest daughter think of it.
She liked it! This is huge, because 1) she is super picky and 2) this gives me the green light to start substituting with Sweet’N Low is some of our recipes to get back to the “all things in moderation” mantra without inciting a riot.
America’s favorite pink packet sweetner, made with saccharin, is as sweet as approximately two teaspoons of sugar but with zero calories. Numerous reputable organizations such as the American Diabetes Association, Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, World Health Organization, and National Cancer Institute have acknowledged saccharin’s safety for using in food and drinks and how helpful it can be as a tool in a healthy eating plan for losing weight, maintaining a healthy weight and an overall healthy lifestyle.

The sample “jet pack”

If you haven’t tried Sweet’N Low in quite some time, do it! Time changes everything, including your tastes. I think you will be surprised at how ‘sweet’ Sweet’N Low can be. Check out the Sweet’N Low Truck Tour to see dates and locations and make a day trip of it! We had a great time on our adventure! When you visit the Sweet’N Low Truck, if you mention Lexington Mommy, you will get a sercy! (A small, fun gift 😉 )
You can also enter the #donthesitaste photo contest from Sweet’N Low on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram –
“upload a pic of your favorite Sweet’N Low®-sweetened drink for a chance to win money, prizes and more! don’t forget to include #donthesitaste, #contestentry and a Sweet’N Low® packet in your pic to qualify.”
Next on my experimenting with Sweet’N low to do list is to experiment with other drinks 😉


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