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Saving for College with Future Scholar

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I know everyone has probably seen a TV ad for Future Scholar, South Carolina’s 529 college savings plan. I’ve set up an account for each of my children with Future Scholar, so I can make sure I save as much money as possible for their college educations. I think every parent should have a college savings account for his or her child. My husband and I chose Future Scholar because it has earned national recognition and the highest rating from savingforcollege.com. We also liked that there’s no minimum amount required to open an account or to add to one, and setting it up and adding to it has been super easy. We have one for each of the children, from the oldest who has had an account for years and is about to start college and put that money to good use to the youngest who is in kindergarten.


When we sat down to decide how much we wanted to contribute to our children’s accounts after recent changes to our monthly income, we decided the best way for us to stick to that amount was to have it come out of our bank account each month. We figured if it came out like every other monthly budget item, we wouldn’t spend it, and that’s exactly what has happened over the last few months since we’ve changed it. My in-laws have decided to add to the kid’s accounts on birthdays and at Christmas.


Nothing means more to my husband and me than our children’s future. It only took ten minutes to set up an account online to help make sure they can each get a college education, and I sleep better just knowing they are each on their way.


For more information on Future Scholar, South Carolina’s 529 college savings plan and to set up an account for your child’s future, visit futurescholar.com/refund


Future Scholar, SC's 529 College Savings Plan


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