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Self-Defense: An Important Mom Skill

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*Originally published 04/25/14

You know how to cook. (Well sort of for some of us.) You know how to change a diaper. You know how to drive. You know so many life skills.

But do you know how to protect yourself?
Do you know how to get loose if someone grabs you?
Do you know how to spot potentially dangerous situations?
Do you how to use the gun your husband keeps in the house? (Incredibly sexist statement, I know. But it’s a reality.)

The following classes are ones I have taken and highly recommend!


ljjpinkLexington Jiu Jitsu

I have taken a few one time workshops with Lexington Jiu Jitsu. I learned a lot each time. But it’s not much use unless you practice on a regular basis. Until it becomes comfortable, automatic and second nature to make the moves and know how to react. Kiri (my sister) started the adult classes earlier this month and LOVES it!! Jeb, the owner and instructor. is amazingly patient and helpful. The other adult students (most of whom I’ve met at one point or another) are wonderful people. Lexington Jiu Jitsu wants every student to succeed, to grow in their skill level and to do well. There is no “competition”, no “ego”, no “machismo”. And if you are wondering, there are several women in the classes. Some of the neatest women I know 🙂 Lexington Jiu Jitsu offers a free trial for new students. Call Jeb at (803) 931-2262 for more information or visit http://graciecolumbia.com/ (Hopefully I will start classes this summer. Yay!!)


cpdcwpCity of Columbia Police Dept Classes – FREE and for Women Only

City of Columbia Police Dept offers a free NRA Basic Pistol Class. I took this class a year ago with my sister and a friend. Kiri & I went to the range a lot as kids, but Kiri hadn’t been in 20+ years. I think my friend had been once. I go to the range fairly regularly. So it was a wide range of experience just amongst the three of us. There were women in our class who had never even held a gun. (Oh and did I mention my friend is legally blind?) After saying all that, this was a GREAT class! It covered all the basics, like seriously basics, and stuff even I didn’t know.  And it was all covered thoroughly. The instructors made it fun, thorough and understandable. Chief Steve and Ms. Bea are two of the coolest people I’ve ever met!  Oh and the class is FREE and women only! IF THERE IS A GUN IN YOUR HOUSE, YOU NEED TO KNOW HOW TO USE IT AND HOW IT WORKS! Yes, driving downtown is a pain, and yes, it’s not the easiest thing in the world to carve out an evening and a Saturday, BUT YOU NEED TO!!

cpdselfdefenseCPD also offers a FREE Concealed Weapons Permit Class also for women only. Again Chief Steve and Ms. Bea were helpful, informative, patient and thorough. If you are not very familiar and comfortable with handguns, I HIGHLY recommend you take the Basic Pistol class first. I am glad I did both as a refresher and as a way to know exactly what would be expected in the CWP class.

Third, CWP offers a FREE Women’s Self  Defense class. Last I heard, Ms. Bea teaches this class. Again, amazing woman!! (But back to the point I made earlier, it does you no good if you don’t practice.)

These are the different classes and programs that I have first hand experience with and highly recommend. There are others out there. I believe that LCSD, RCSD and Town of Lexington police depts also hold self-defense course occasionally. CWP is offered numerous places.

I often say “You have to take care of yourself to be in the best shape to take care of others.” I truly believe knowing how to protect yourself falls under the take care of yourself category.

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