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We’ve partnered with the Postpartum Weight and Sleep Study (PWAS) at the University of South Carolina Arnold School of Public Health to bring you more information about this opportunity.

We all know our bodies change after childbirth. But how much do they change exactly?

It’s no secret that becoming a mom is a transformative experience mentally, emotionally and physically. It truly changes every aspect of your life and self. While every mom has their own unique journey, there are some parts to this rite of passage experience known as childbirth that no one escapes. Your body is different. Some days (ahem, years) VERY different. Your sleep is different. Some days (ahem, years) VERY different.

USC Study is researching how much moms bodies change postpartum.

The University of South Carolina Arnold School of Public Health is conducting a study on the changes in women’s bodies after they’ve had a baby. They are measuring body weight, body fat, and sleep 5 times within the first year after a woman gives birth. It’s really pretty cool!

So how it works is let’s say Lexie is having a baby around March 23rd and wants to participate. Lexie would contact the Postpartum Weight and Sleep Study (PWAS) at USC to get signed up. Lexie then goes in for a visit 6 to 8 weeks postpartum for her initial evaluation, paperwork, is given a small monitor to wear to measure activity and one for sleep.

A week later, Lexie goes back to return the monitors, have some measurements taken including a DXA scan to measure fat, muscle and bone mass. (It’s NOT painful, not long and nothing touches you.)

Then Lexie goes back at 4 months, 6 months, 9 months and 12 months. Each time, PWAS mails the monitors for Lexie to pop on for the 7 days leading up to her visit. Each visit is returning the monitors, a few questions, a few measurements and last about 30 – 40 minutes. Then that’s it!

6 visits over 10 months. That easy! And you can be compensated for your time up to $250. Let’s be honest. That’s a pretty cool way to be a part of a scientific study and treat yourself to a nice Mom’s Day Out when you’re done.

If you would like to see about participating, reach out to Erin Kishman at (803) 777-8291 or mailto:pwas@mailbox.sc.edu.
Or come meet Erin and find out more at Babies & Bumps on March 23rd!

If you know a mama who JUST had a baby or is going to have one soon, drop her a link to this info! See y’all soon!

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